Pan/Tilt for Turret/FPV

Last spring semester (2011) I made this pan/tilt setup to mount a turret for Mech Warfare. It’s been stagnant for a while but I might be able to buy the airsoft tank cannon soon. I have an incredibly small 150′ range camera system set up so I might be able to test the full setup soon. However, I haven’t worked on the hexapod for a while as I don’t yet have the funds to buy the nice Dynamixel servos I wanted to use. Hobby servos just won’t cut it for me for a walking robot.

Mechanically, its based off the ServoCity pan/tilt system made of ABS. I made this one out of blue laser cut clear acrylic scrap, and modified it to use the lazy susan turntable as reinforcement for the pan servo axle.

Some time next summer after I’ve gotten used to programming quadrupeds I might consider rebuilding that hexapod for competition 2013. Control is shaky on the standard RC airplane transmitter, and hopefully serial control with the SSC-32 might be better. However, I used some pretty cheap Towerpro servos from Hobbyking for this pan/tilt, so I’m not really confident in the lifespan of this pan/tilt. Hey, at least they were cheap.

With my digital camera taped onto the mounting platform.


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