Quadruped Research: The Smalldog

I’ve been interested in quadrupeds for a while, since my sophomore year of high school. Or maybe way longer than that, since I watched Zoids: Chaotic Century years and years ago. Riding a Liger Zero with Jager high speed armor was and still is a goal I strive towards (that and driving a tank).

My research for this semester is to design a hydraulically actuated quadruped with two motors. The motors individually drive the front or back legs, and can support the entire robot in the event of a motor failure. These motors are hydraulic motors from large-scale model airplane landing gear from some far away country, and are extremely expensive, at over 600 dollars each (Cornell funding).

My design as of now looks like this:

Once again with the 3D render option in SolidWorks, making it look like a commercial for an Apple product.

The legs use cylinders, though I would one day love to expand to hydraulic muscles. Those four blocks are the valve manifolds that are servo actuated. The entire chassis will be 3D printed on the standard commercial extruded plastic printer, while the precision parts for the valves will be printed on the UV resin Objet printer.

Maybe if I study hard enough in school, and with enough time, blood, and sweat, it will someday look like this:


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