MEGABolt Gets a MEGAMount

To avoid the trouble of pouring another motor mount, we bought a new mount from the Robot Marketplace. It’s pretty nice, but pretty simple. It makes me wonder how hard it would be to avoid all this casting mess with a mill. A mill would be nice.

It’s interesting to see how far we’ve progressed on this project by investigating the mounts. We started off with some jigsaw’ed 2×4’s that clamped down with rubber sheets for friction. Many facepalms were had. Working on this robot was another educational experience.

It was like communicating with myself last summer and wondering why in the world I chose to do things the way I did. Axle too large? Hammer it in. Discount possibility things will have to be taken apart later.

Here’s a nice garage-spanning table I made with my dad as a bonus. It’s nice that we don’t have to work on the floor anymore.

Here are the failed attempts at shaft collar wheel hubs that sheared off during our previous run. We started with JB weld, moved to epoxy/gorilla glue? mixture, and settled with some extra strength epxoy. Still didn’t work.

However we have opted to mount the reduction sprocket directly onto the wheel. By the sheer weight of the things we were afraid the hardened steel would be impossible to machine with our inadequate tools. However, we found out that the inside is extremely soft most likely cast iron. Machining worked well, and this solution seems like a confident final solution to our wheel hub problem. It’s a wonder we didn’t think of this painfully obvious solution earlier. More facepalms all around.


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