3D Printing the Quadruped Chassis

So I’m back at school again, so I returned to where I left of with the dog. The chassis has been sitting around in CAD form for a while, two days ago I printed this thing. It’s my first time using one of the commercial 3D printers. It’s the same 3D printer I keep seeing at universities, of the Dimension brand, that prints extruded plastic with a weaker support material.

For a job the size of the quadruped, the print time was 44 hours. The chassis had to be put on its side and diagonal across the printing bed to even fit.

When it was done printing after 44 hours, it was a piece of plastic encased in a support material block. For the fancy Objet printer in the other lab, the support material seems like a powdery material you have to pressure wash off. This material you had to peel off with your fingernails and some metal picks resembling dentist’s picks.

And after some frustration and an hour or so of picking away, it looks like this:

The little gaps will need some creative sanding, and I’ll have to re-bore the holes. Otherwise, I’m getting closer to mounting the motors, legs, and valves. The next step is to 3D print the precision valve parts with the UV resin Objet printer.


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